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legal support of your business

we help entrepreneurs to anticipate and eliminate legal problems

we reduce the damage from violation of obligations under commercial contracts

we correct legal shortcomings of contractual work and business processes

we perform reorganization, division, sale of assets, liquidation or bankruptcy of the company

we minimize financial, reputational and emotional costs in case of subsidiary and criminal liability

law office "KHAZOV AND PARTNERS", reg. No. 3-003/47 TIN 7840290379

strengthening the rule of law, legal certainty and equal opportunity in the exercise and protection of civil rights

the task is impossible only if it is set incorrectly
the lawyer's job is to provide the client with the best result possible

we strictly observe the professional ethics of a lawyer

we honestly predict the likely outcome of the case before the start of cooperation

we don’t take on a project if we don’t see how we can help

we provide qualified and fair advice

open to useful and legitimate cooperation


we value your time and work effectively online, and if you prefer to meet in person, we will invite you to our comfortable office in Saint Petersburg, Russia

we will tell you in detail how to achieve the desired result; we can handle the case in a complex or carry out individual orders

we form prices according to the market price list, apply installments and a success fee; we collect the costs of our services from the opponent

Commercial Law

evaluate the reliability and financial position of the counterparty

check and correct contractual work and document flow

Settle accounts receivable and accounts payable

we will take on legal support at a flexible rate

Real estate and construction

we will study the history and documents of non-residential premises and land

we will develop and draw up purchase, lease and construction contracts

register changes to technical documents

we will achieve the desired result in court and other authorities

Corporate law

we will reorganize the company with the division of assets

we will create and put in order corporate documents

we will help to resolve disputes between shareholders profitably

support in bankruptcy and subsidiary liability

Criminal law

quickly and objectively assess the prospects of the case

we will advise and protect at any stage of the process

we will develop and implement a defense and attack strategy

we will help to avoid the arrest of the suspect and his property


we are aimed at achieving the goals set for us and the high authority of the law firm, therefore we work together in all cases, learn new things, exchange experience and opportunities

reasonable workload distribution and a comfortable business atmosphere are the foundation of our team, providing an effective service

over 10 years, we have built a high reputation among colleagues and trained three dozen interns, five of whom received the status of a lawyer within our bureau

lawyer, managing partner

Alexander Khazov

Alexander has 23 years of legal experience, of which 15 years he has been practicing law in the field of criminal, corporate and commercial law.

He has skills in negotiations and strategic planning in bankruptcy cases, disputes between shareholders and criminal cases of embezzlement of budget funds, including those under the state defense order.

contesting an approval of construction of a mall with a total area of 120k sq.m.; the approval was revoked by the city government for violation of the insolation rules and the environmental demands;

managing project on corporate restructuring and assets distribution in favor of the biggest Russian producer of the light protection systems;

managing the compliance of the free-to-play mobile games developing company with overall turnover of €50 millions; substantial changes were offered to the company corporate structure in order to officially optimize local and international taxes and mitigate the risk of possible fines for incorrect use of the transfer pricing in the previous periods;

representation of the oldest Russian film production company Lenfilm in negotiations with the leading manufacturer of motion picture projection equipment Cinemeccanica S.p.A. (Milano) about execution of the €14 million contract on supply of the Dolby Atmos studios;

performed comprehensive audit of mutual contractual obligations, established clear understanding of dispute perspectives for both parties and strong intention to start international mediation process.

Fluent in English and Italian.

Bocconi University: LLM in Law of Internet Technology
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University: engineer
Vologda State University: jurist
Lund University, Sweden (European Commercial Law)
Yale University, USA (advanced course "Financial Markets")
Admission to the bar
The Russian Federal Bar Association

July 2006, reg.No 47/1028


Criminal law
Corporate law

lawyer, partner

Natalya Dybina

Specializes in legal support of business projects, including transactions for the acquisition and sale of commercial real estate, business, assets, elimination of legal risks of construction, operation and lease of real estate, as well as the resolution of corporate, economic and civil disputes.

She has an extensive and successful practice in representing the interests of legal entities and individuals in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, drafting civil law contracts of any complexity, participating in due diligence procedures, preparing legal opinions on the application of legislation.
Such experience allows Natalia to distinguish between imbalances and shortcomings of existing legal relations, predict real legal consequences when concluding transactions, develop strong contracts and achieve the desired result in any confusing situation.

led the reorganization of a large industrial holding;
ensured the adjustment and coordination of contracts with the leading marketplaces of the Russian Federation;

in a judicial proceeding, restored the registration records of heavy vehicles imported into the territory of the Russian Federation with violations of the rules of customs clearance and certification;
competent management of the project ensured timely commissioning of the construction facility worth 200 million rubles.

BGU them. Academician I.G. Petrovsky (jurisprudence)
BGU them. Academician I.G. Petrovsky (translator in the field of commercial communication)
Admission to the bar
Register number: 47/1770
Date of assignment: 06/30/2014

Commercial law
Real estate and construction

Уголовное право
На счету Александра ряд беспрецедентных результатов работы защитника по экономическим и должностным преступлениям в ГСУ ГУВД, СУ СК и СС УФСБ по Санкт-Петербургу.
20 летний юридический стаж и опыт работы в аппарате прокуратуры Санкт-Петербурга позволяют успешно разрешать уголовно-правовые проблемы любого порядка
Корпоративное право

У Александра накоплен большой опыт по обеспечению поддержки бизнеса по самым различным направлениям деятельности, сопровождении реорганизации, банкротства, при принятии и оформлении стратегически важных корпоративных решений, а также представления интересов в корпоративных спорах

Коммерческое право

Наталья организует работу бюро по нескольким проектам юридического сопровождения крупных производственных холдингов, включающих большой спектр вопросов от организации производства до реализации и урегулирования задолженностей. В активе Натальи несколько проектов по разделению крупных предприятий, связанных с реализацией значительных активов.

Недвижимость и строительство
Большое количество разрешенных арбитражных споров, связанных с выполнением СМР, подрядом, арендой, залогом, лизингом и продажей спецтехники и грузовых транспортных средств, сопровождения строительных проектов, исполнением договоров купли-продажи объектов недвижимого имущества, а также правового сопровождение процесса легализации переустройств объектов недвижимости


The most striking and revealing cases of the bureau, in which the lawyers of the bureau showed their high professional qualities and achieved particularly good results

В экономических преступлениях важен правильный расчет

Управление ФСБ России по Санкт-Петербургу и Ленинградской области задержало троих предпринимателей за обналичивание денег (ст.172 УК РФ) на сумму 60 млрд рублей.

Тщательная разработка группы правоохранителями, обыски в 30 адресах и допросы 400 свидетелей определили единственной возможной стратегией защиты сотрудничество со следствием.

Это не помешало адвокату, используя особенности схемы обналичивания, вынудить следствие дважды переделывать экономическую экспертизу по делу и на порядок сократить размер вменяемого дохода.

За три года следствия обвиняемые ни дня не провели в СИЗО и удовлетворились условным приговором и полным возмещением незаконного дохода из арестованных денег в качестве возмещения.

Change in ID for renting a room

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Change in ID for renting a room

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Change in ID for renting a room

Sed feugiat porttitor nunc, non dignissim ipsum vestibulum in. Donec in blandit dolor. Vivamus a fringilla lorem, vel faucibus ante. Nunc ullamcorper, justo a iaculis elementum, enim orci viverra eros, fringilla porttitor lorem eros vel.

A mild sentence in a criminal case on illegal banking activities (Article 172 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)
Lawyers managed to maximally mitigate the punishment in a criminal case of an economic nature, which had a great public outcry. The sentence was not related to imprisonment.
Уголовное право
The criminal case against the bureau's principal on taking a bribe was terminated by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg due to the absence of corpus delicti.
The criminal case against the bureau's principal for taking a bribe was terminated in the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for St. Petersburg due to the lack of corpus delicti.
Уголовное право
Minor penalty imposed in high-profile abuse of power case
Initially, an official of the internal affairs body was charged with committing a crime under part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in connection with the death of a subordinate who illegally collected funds.
Уголовное право
The construction of the Hollywood shopping center near the Pionerskaya metro station in St. Petersburg has been halted
permission to build a shopping center with an area of 113.5 thousand sq.m. declared illegal due to numerous building code violations
Недвижимость и строительство
The decision to adjust the customs value in the amount of more than 100 million rubles was canceled
the calculation of the customs value and fees payable applied by the customs authorities is recognized by the court as unreasonable
Коммерческое право